Last Of The Difficult Pants

While reviewing season two, I think I made it clear that Aaron Sorkin's Newsroom made many improvements over the weaknesses of season one. And while doing so, somehow managed to make entirely new mistakes. The series can be frustrating that way. As one might expect from Sorkin and the cast HBO assembled, it is occasionally brilliant and often very funny, but then it lapses into bizarre diversion or it looses itself in it's own arrogance.

It also came to as tidy a conclusion as you can seemingly expect on TV. So that it is getting a truncated third season is a little strange. Season two didn't go out on top, but it did go out. Bringing it back seems... well, I'll just say, it seems odd. And I don't know who would have been the force behind it. Sorkin has a lot of other things on his plate, HBO doesn't need the "prestige" and the cast will all go on to bigger and better things from here, if they haven't done so already. So, I'll watch the Final Episodes this November when they air, and maybe that will explain why it is back at all.
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