Marvel Acts Small, Casts Big

Ant-man officially entered production on Monday, and Marvel was quick to release an official image from the film, if only to prove that this is still a thing that is happening (I can only imagine that Kevin Fiege is desperate to get this monkey off his back and be done with it). So, now we know that Paul Rudd's Scott Lang will at some point be rocking the hobo-chic look, adding yet another to the modern pantheon of superheroes looking like they'd ask you to spare a couple of bucks on your way out of the coffee shop.

Much more interesting then Rudd being thankful that Days of Future Past undid Magneto's needless destruction of everyone's favourite bridge (sorry Brooklyn, London, and Madison County's), they released the full production list (sans writing credits, oddly) including the full cast. And it includes some familiar names. Namely, Judy Greer and John Slattery. Slattery should be familiar to Marvel fans as having played the 1970's version of Howard Stark in Iron Man 2, possibly meaning that we'll be seeing a flashback to that era, likely relating to Michael Douglas' Hank Pym (one doubts a scientist would have developed a particle that causes people to shrink without attracting the attention of SHIELD).

But more excitingly, Judy Greer! Long time readers and attentive library hobos know that Greer's name in a cast is enough to raise my interest two whole notches. And considering that Ant-Man plummeted several notches when Edgar Wright left, they need all the good will they can get on this one. Greer's role hasn't been announced, and as much as I would love for her to become the snarky female Coulson replacement for the next couple phases, I feel like this might be like when they announced Stephanie Szostak was going to be in Iron Man 3, and we all spent months assuming that she'd be playing Wasp, only for her to ultimately have about five minutes of screen time and be little more than a very oblique reference to Man-Thing. So, I hope for big things for Greer in the film, but I expect it'll be more something along the lines of Pym's secretary. We can cross our fingers that she's named Cheryl.

Finally, when Agents of SHIELD made it's comic con season two announcement, they said that Mockingbird would be joining the cast this season, but that they hadn't cast anyone is the Rule 63-for-Hawkeye yet. That has now changed, as they have announced that Adrianne Palicki will be assuming the role for the fifth episode of the season, with the option to recur later in the season (those who watched last year will be wary of the phrase "recurring character," as this has generally meant maybe two appearances). Palicki will be familiar to fans of genre stuff, having appeared in the Red Dawn remake and the G.I. Joe sequel, as well as the failed pilots for both Aquaman and Wonder Woman, though she remains best known for her role on Friday Night Lights. In short, she's a sold choice for the role, and on par with a series that has previously cast the likes of Saffron Burrows, Bill Paxton, and Patton Oswalt.

Via Entertainment Weekly.
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