Amazing as it may seem, we're just over a week away from the 23rd of August premiere of series 8 of Doctor Who, featuring Peter Capaldi as the man himself. I've mentioned before, there seems to be much less pomp about this series kicking off than there has been surrounding previous series, at least from a media push. The show however, is treating this as just as special as any other series premiere, and any other new Doctor induction.

The episode, Deep Breath, will be feature length, premiere around the world simultaneously, and will be kicking off a full, uninterrupted "back to basics" series and Steven Moffat promises will be less flirty and human friendly than the series has been since it's return. And, with more online content, in the vein of Pond Life and the superb Night of the Doctor. And all of it will be reviewed on this site, as is the standard operating procedure, with reviews going up probably on Mondays (I haven't quite nailed that down yet).

I can't wait, me.
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  1. Head of BBC budget dept: "We've just spent a fortune to redesign the tardis interior we can't do it again so soon"
    Moffat: "But we've got a new doctor, we need a new interior "
    HofBBCBD: "Ok, we'll just change the colours, noone will notice "
    Moffat: thumbs up and a wink to camera.

    1. When they revealed that they were redesigning the console room again, I was kind of angry. Like, maybe this isn't where you should be focusing your attentions, the third redesign in four years.

      The original console room stayed basically the same (with minor, progressive changes over the years) for the entire run of the original series, and it became iconic. I suppose at the very least they appear to be sticking the idea of variations on a theme with this redesign, instead of going hard in a different direction (like the coral).