Ron Might Be In Something... I'm Not Entirely Sure

Every year, around this time, the world is treated to a brief moment of pure joy, as the Parks and Rec blooper reel is released in advance of the previous season's DVD. I think I'll miss these bloopers more than the show itself, once it's gone. And as much of a creative hit as the show took last year, these bloopers prove that behind the scenes, the folks involved were still having fun.

It is in these that we first came to know how funny Chris Pratt really is. It was in these that we learned what Nick Offerman's breaking point of child-like giggles is. That when Amy Poehler gets laughing, she can't stop easily. And that these people all seem to really enjoy each other's company (considering how many films they've all co-starred in together since the show started, I think it's safe to say they have a very healthy acting trope family dynamic built up here.

Via Collider.
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