Science Can Be Sexy

Instead of a culture obsessed with vapid, empty, peer-approval desperate, self-confidence hollowing schlock like pretty much every magazine at the market checkout and the E! channel, imagine if culture was oriented around science, and driven by a love and thirst for knowledge instead of getting the most retweets or "likes". Even the geek culture that has become so pervasive in the last five years or so really isn't any different from the celebrity worship, fad/trends/viral sensations nonsense, it's just a different flavour of the same basic problem: we're focusing too much on the aesthetic and the vain rather than on the substance and the legacy.

This mock cover appeared on Reddit a couple weeks ago, and it makes me giggle, sure, and it also makes me wonder how hilariously wonderful an alternate reality would be if science were treated the same way sex and clothes were treated in this one. And men like Neil deGrasse Tyson were treated like Justin Bieber. In that universe, Orlando Bloom probably would have landed the punch: he would have better understood the physics.

Via Geekologie.
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