Some Things Are Unforgivable

15 years ago, Kate Holmes was in Teaching Mrs. Tingle, where a bunch of students try to... kill a teacher, if I remember correctly. It's a been a while, because that movie was not good, as has become the expected norm from films starring Katie Holmes (Batman is, of course, not applicable). Now, she's playing the psychopathic teacher in Miss Meadows, about a vigilant murderer who spends her days dressing like it's the 1950's and taking the part of the job description that calls on her to protect the kids a bit too far.

I get a solid "come back" vibe off of this trailer, like this is been geared towards trying to reignite Holmes' career. The trailer also plays things towards a middle ground of a Death Wish-if-it-were-an-independent-movie, which is an odd choice but might pay off. There looks to be a lot of emotional, character stuff that the trailer pushes back in favour of gun play, so it might turn out to be a really dark character study. Which might be enjoyable. Or, it could turn out like The Brave One, refuse to really take a position, and flounder until the credits roll.

The film opens on November 14th.
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