Back a few years ago, when Marc Webb was casting what would ultimately become his directionless and empty-shirted Amazing Spider-man series, there was a web campaign to get Donald Glover, formerly of Community, cast in the lead. That didn't work out, but since then, in the Ultimate comics, Peter Parker has given way to Miles Morales, a half African American, half Hispanic Spider-man whom the internet has solidly suggested Glover would be perfect for. Amazing Spider-man producer Avi Arad has given a blunt and short sighted "no" on the possibility of Morales turning up on screen, but then again, pretty much every Marvel film Arad has touched has since been rebooted without him or been a critical flop, so maybe we don't listen to him. And if Sony's current plan for Spider-man keeps heading the way it is (re: poorly), they might need a drastic change sooner rather than later.

In the comics though, Morales has received a lot of acclaim, and taken his place as a Spider-man of note, in various cross overs. And now, that extends to TV, as Donald Glover will voice Morales on the new season of Ultimate Spider-man, Web Warriors, which will see Peter Parker travel the multiverse encountering all the different versions of himself, in and out of costume. Basically, it's a TV version of the current comic storyline, Spider-verse. Personally, I'm beyond my saturation limit for the cinematic Spider-man, but I still love the character and if they are able to do more interesting things with him on TV, in animation, where the bean counters obviously think things "count less," then I say let them. Let the Saturday morning cartoon show Sony how things should be done.

Via Uproxx.
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