The Only Way I Can Solve A Rubik's Cube Is To Throw It Out The Window On The Highway

Back in 2011, Penn and Teller had a fantastic show on ITV called Fool Us, where magicians would perform in front of the skeptical duo, and if Penn and Teller couldn't explain how the trick was done, the magician won a warm-up gig in front of Penn and Teller in Las Vegas. It was a brilliant show that ran for 9 episodes. This... is not that.

Wizard Wars airs Tuesdays on the SyFy network, which might as well just rename themselves the Fake Shit network, is a reality show created by those two guys up top, Richard Lax and Justin Flom. The show is basically the same as any other "talent" based reality show, except that it involves close up illusion. Teams compete to create tricks using only household materials, and then are judged on the quality and complexity of the trick by Penn and Teller.

I've long said that if anything got me to actually watch a reality TV show, it would be magic (meaning that the action precipitating the event would be a supernatural force exerted by unquantifiable sources), and it turns out that it really was magic (meaning the highly skilled and dexterous exhibitions of prestidigitation was enough to override my loathing of the medium).

Via The Mary Sue.
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