Dr. Lecter In Love

Last year, a potentially amazing storyline in Hannibal had to be cut short because Gillian Anderson was the lead in two entirely different series, filmed in two entirely different countries on two entirely different sides of the Atlantic ocean. That she managed to be involved in the season in any way was remarkable, and they even managed to pull off a fantastic twist.

The fortunes of Anderson's NBC series (who I can only barely remember as being a thing) were not all sunshine and roses, but ultimately it has worked out in our favour. Bryan Fuller has announced that Anderson has joined the third season of Hannibal as a full and regular cast member, and described the season premiere as a "a pilot for a new series starring Mads Mikkelsen and Gillian Anderson." Which, frankly, sounds amazing.

Now, if they could get David Bowie on board, season three might well be the best season yet.

Via the Mary Sue.

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