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If you'd told me that there would be not one, but two Chevy Chase related stories this week, I'd have said you were either a crazy person, or Chevy Chase's agent, desperate that keeping the difficult actor as a client all these years would finally pay off. And since I don't know Chevy Chase's agent, whom I'm sure is a wonderful human being, I'd have went with crazy. And now I'm writing about it, so I guess I'm crazy too.

First off, the National Lampoon's Vacation sequel/reboot has apparently started filming. The movie will star Ed Helms as Rusty Griswold and Christina Applegate as his beleaguered wife. Joining them will be Leslie Mann as the adult Audrey, and Chris Hemsworth as "Stone Crandall, an up-and-coming anchorman." Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo will reprise their roles as the elder Griswolds, reaffirming their presence as the only actors to play the same characters in all the Vacation films.

Chase and D’Angelo have also apparently signed a deal with ABC to star in a sitcom developed by Aaron Kaplan and with Brad Copeland expected to write the pilot. The plot figures on "a married couple whose golden years are interrupted after circumstances beyond their control force them to raise their grandchildren." Considering how Chase's last foray into television went, ABC certainly is taking a gamble signing him. Notoriously difficult to work with, anyone entering into a long term agreement would have to do so with their eyes wide open. That being said, when given the opportunity and the right material, Chase is a very funny actor. Here's hoping he has the chance to do so again.

Via /Film.
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