Looks Like They're Dragging This One Out

I like and have a lot of respect for Aaron Sorkin, but sometimes it's a lot harder to like him as an artist rather than just an admirer of his art. Like when, after all the complaints about the Newsroom trying too hard to be poignent, he kept deflecting that it is just a romantic comedy series, and not meant to be taken so seriously. Then they ome out with something so incredibly pretentious as the season two teaser trailer, which doesn't sell that notion at all.

Likewise, the series hasn't been universally acclaimed. It has it's critics and it's supporters. Looking back on it, it is an interesting and occasionally brilliant series that is deeply flawed. And HBO is rolling out the truncated third season like it's the last broadcast of Cronkite. Like every single moment of the production of these episodes was a build up to the single most important event in television.

Personally, I'll just be happy if Thomas Sadoski falls over a few more times before it's over.
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