One Last Kick At The Overly Long Can

I haven't been overwhelmed by the promotional work on the Hobbit movies. The trailers have been alright (the latest is pretty fantastic), but the print material have left much to be desired. An exception have been these "saga banners" that essentially spoiler the entire film. It backfired on them spectacularly with the first film, when they released the banner image about a week before they decided the film would be three films instead of two, thus revealing some images that wouldn't be seen on film for another year.

It's an interesting way to sell your film, basically making a poster of every action beat. I suppose they guess since the book is nearly a century old, many folk know how things go anyway. And it's an excuse to put together some heavily photoshopped extra posters from the film's bigger moments, cause they certainly won't have the chance to do so afterwards.

Via Collider.
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