Pelvic Thrust For Science!

I know that liking Nikola Tesla has become one of those internet hipster things, but I genuinely appreciate the man as a scientist and tragic historical figure. The fact that the internet is giving him the love and appreciation that he deserved in his own time, and that a certain percentage of that internet love isn't ironic makes me feel like, eventually, everyone is vindicated.

And that in the future, time travel will be invented for the soul purpose of going back and punching Thomas Edison in the throat. And that time travel will only be possible once ever year, but the destination can occur in concurrent seconds, enabling people to celebrate Time Travel day much the same as their birthday, but Thomas Edison will feel nothing but an endless succession of punches to the throat.

Err, *cough*... Anyway, The Oatmeal's Matthew Inman and Sarah Donner have come together to create what is easily the catchiest song about an under-appreciated 19th century inventor that also mentions marsupials. This thing is an ear-worm of the highest magnitude. And that's all that Tesla's legacy is asking for: to burrow into your head so deep that only clawing away at it in the dark will make it stop.

Via The Mary Sue.
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