Penny Dreadful To Get Even Pennier. Wait...

Despite not bringing in remarkable numbers across all eight of it's season one episodes, Penny Dreadful's critical reception was enough for Showtime to give it a go-ahead for a second series, which begins filming this month in Ireland. In advance of that, Showtime has made some casting announcements. The core season one cast will return, anchored by the fantastic performances given by Timothy Dalton and Eva Green.

Joining the various Victorian gentlefolk as series regulars will be Helen McCrory and Simon Russell Beale, reprising their season roles as Medium Evelyn "Madame Kali" Poole and Egyptologist Ferdinand Lyle. McCrory's medium, whose appearance in episode 2 had all the markings of a one off guest spot until she popped up rather sinisterly in the finale, will serve as the Big Bad for our heroes this year. No doubt Lyle will be dragged along on her coattails as her ut-upon underling, considering his established relationship with her.

Joining the series in recurring roles this year will be Douglas Hodge as Bartholomew Rusk, a Scotland Yard officer investigating the animalistic murders plaguing London (about time someone took notice of that); Sarah Green as Madame Kali's daughter Hecate; Patti LuPone as someone who figures with "great importance" to Vanessa; and Jonny Beauchamp, whose character is only being described as "a young man with a singular past."

Hodge will portray Bartholomew Rusk, a Scotland Yard investigator who’s determined to catch the individual responsible for the brutal murders in London.  Greene will probably be joining the bad guys because she’s playing Hecate, Madame Kali’s powerful daughter.  (It’s going to take a while to get used to calling Kali by her real name, Evelyn Poole.)  And lastly, Beauchamp’s character is simply described as “a young man with a singular past.”

I am tickled that Dreadful is expanding it's universe, and tickled all the more by the fact that these are, as far as I can tell, original characters (certainly none are familiar to me). They may draw inspiration from Victorian archetypes, as the series as done so thus far, but John Logan seems content to create his own characters to play with, while delighting himself with those in the public domain. It might also be important to point out that Kali is a Hindu goddess of  time and change, and can also mean death. 

Additionally, Hecate began as a pre-Greek moon goddess, but thanks to Christian influences evolved into a thrice-witch, most notably used in Macbeth as the "leader" of the Weird Sisters. That both of these names has goddess connotations, and both have become somewhat synonymous with death and defeat, that might suggest the direction this season is headed in. It should also be reminded that Dreadful's version of Dracula is apparently some kind of ancient Egyptian deity, meaning that Egypt, Hindu and Greek mythologies have all been quite literally named-checked. I'm sure that's no accident.

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