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I've gone on record in my belief that Firefly is practically perfect exactly as it is, and that adding to it, whether it be through comic books, a movie sequel or any alternate medium elaboration is a bad idea. That being said, part of me is more than a little excited about the MMO Firefly: The Game, which had a soft unveiling at the recent New York Comic-con. I say soft, as there was no live demo available, and only select footage, most of which included interviews with the actors. And yes, the entire cast is returning, in character (and Alan Tudyk is playing double duty as a baddie).

The footage released thus far amounts to the above, which does give a hint at what the game will look like technically, but it has to be about the blandest footage they could have chosen. I mean, if it's anywhere near complete, there has to be footage rendered of something other than a slow turn in an empty corridor. I'm not and never have been an online gamer, but I could see myself spending time in this particular bit of black, if the finished product, whose release date is still in the wilds of the unknown, lives up to expectation.

Via The Mary Sue.
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