In Another Universe, All Of This Is Still True, But I'm Slightly Taller

Since 1957, the concept of parallel universes has existed within the theory of quantum mechanics. This "Many Worlds Theory," which is really more of an untestable concept than a theory, states that whether or not someone is directly observing a particular event, the outcome conforms to all possible interpretations along a splintered selection of newly created universes, in which the outcome of said event can play out to it's fullest potential. The greatest effect this has had on the scientific community is providing science fiction writers with a treasure trove of plot devices to use over the past twenty years.

A key component to the Many Worlds Theory has been that, once these universes separate from one another, they cease all interaction with one another. Now, in a paper published in Physical Review X, Professor Howard Wiseman and Dr Michael Hall from Griffith's Centre for Quantum Dynamics, and Dr Dirk-Andre Deckert from the University of California, have proposed a new interpretation, which they've deemed the "Many-Interacting Worlds" theory. The major change they've made to the interpretation is that, to explain some of the more troublesome and physics-violating observations that scientists have made over the years, that parallel universes influence each other via "a subtle force of repulsion."

Wiseman and Hall's interpretation boils down to three key points:

  • The universe we experience is just one of a gigantic number of worlds. Some are almost identical to ours while most are very different;
  • All of these worlds are equally real, exist continuously through time, and possess precisely defined properties;
  • All quantum phenomena arise from a universal force of repulsion between 'nearby' (i.e. similar) worlds which tends to make them more dissimilar.

Says Dr. Hall, "We... believe that, in providing a new mental picture of quantum effects, it will be useful in planning experiments to test and exploit quantum phenomena." He goes on to say that, because the Many Worlds theory describes universes that are entirely unknowable because of their disconnectedness, if this new Many-Interacting Worlds is correct, it may become possible to test for their existence based on how they influence our own universe. Which is both exciting, and a terrible first step towards making the Anti-Monitor's plans to collapse all realities a frightening reality.

Via Phys Org.
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