Off The Pot

There was someone a few years ago, I can't remember if it was Hugh Jackman or Russell Crowe or Cate Blanchett, when asked why there are so many Australian actors who find success in England or America, and they said it's because there is virtually no film industry in Australia, so the actors have no choice but to export their talents.

I have long been a fan of what little film industry there is down under. The films tend to be more experimental and tone-blind then some national film cultures. And they tend to have a dark sense of humour. Case in point, the bizarre, likely funny, likely bleak film The Mule. Based on actual events, the film is basically the story of the Federal Police waiting a week until a man they believe is a drug mule to go to the bathroom, so they can prove he is. The film stars Hugo Weaving, Georgina Haig and John Noble.
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