She'll Hoard Our Hearts And Fall Into The Power-lines Of Our Affections

So, back a few weeks ago, when Marvel applied for various Squirrel Girl copyrights, I jumped to the assumption that it was a sign she would be joining the MCU in some capacity, possibly in the yet-to-have-anything-done-about-it Jessica Jones Netflix series. The truth, now known, is not that yet equally exciting: the Avengers resident babysitter will be getting her own ongoing series. Marvel has space in their monthly rotation, off the back of the news that they will be cancelling Fantastic Four due to the fact that Fantastic Four sucks (there are technical, business and vindictive reasons for the cancellation, but it essentially boils down to the fact that Marvel's first family is a dull as pea soup).

The new Squirrel Girl series will be written by Dinosaur Comics creator Ryan North, with art and covers by Erica Henderson (whose past work includes Atomic Robo). No word just yet on when the series, which will see Doreen Green enter college, will appear on stands. But I'm a big believer in what I call "relief titles." Between Big Events and high drama titles, companies like Marvel and DC need smaller, more fun titles like this (or Slott's She Hulk, or Palmiotti's Power Girl) as a palette cleanser.

Hit the jump for a variant cover, and a better look at Squirrel Girl's new design.

Via Entertainment Weekly.
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