That's 90% Less Than Everyone Else!

I didn't see Lucy, and the reason can be traced directly to the first trailer I saw for the film, which proudly announced that humans only use 10% of their brain's capacity. This then went on to be the tag line for the film, and prominently placed in ever piece of advertising for the film. But after that first trailer, it wouldn't have matter if it was the greatest film ever made, I was completely incapable of moving beyond that bit of foolish pseudo-science gobbledy-goop.

Worse yet is the fact that, despite being completely false, and frustratingly easy to discover to be false, it is used with an almost pathological rate in science fiction. I loose all faith in the creative energies of a film or series once they trudge out that turd blossom of a plot device. It has gotten to a point where, I don't just dislike it when it's used, I actively and aggressively hate it. This Sci Show episode points out why this is such a terrible urban legend, with entirely obvious examples.

And for the record, I love pointing out when others are wrong.

Via The Mary Sue.
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