The Cost Of Calvin

I would like to think that part of the reason Calvin and Hobbes was/is so popular is because, at it's heart, it is one of the more realistic comic strips. There are no penguins writing personal ads or hyper-intelligent dogs enacting war fantasies. Just a mischievous six year old who occasionally spouts an incredibly observant truth about human nature, as anyone who has spent time with six yer olds knows, they are apt to do. The majority of the "action" of the strip took place in Calvin's fertile imagination, and what few times his actions had real world effect, there were consequences.

The above chart was created by the Proceedings of the Natural Institute of Science (which, despite it's acronym, is a real thing), who painstakingly (I assume) catalogued all of Calvin's actions throughout the original run of the comic strip, researched the cost of those actions (it seems like the dollar figure is in modern terms rather an unadjusted 1980's money values) and calculated approximately how much more Calvin's parents had to spend to raise their delinquent child through just his sixth year (and over the life of the 10 year history strip). Which they say is $15,955.50, or $1850.55 per year.

Please note, this chart does not take into account the emotional cost of the time they thought he jumped in the tiger pit at the zoo.

Via Uproxx.

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