You're Not In The Book!

The biggest complaint about the Hobbit films is their length, which is both valid and considerable. The second biggest complaint is the plethora of additional and original material, or changes, Peter Jackson has made to the film in order to pad out the length, resulting in problem number one. Personally, I believe that the film requires many of those elaborations, in order to make the story more complete (while I love the book, it is a children's novel, and transcribing it verbatim to the screen would have resulted in a much worse product). I don't, however, believe that things needed to be taken to such an extent as they have been, and that a trilogy of two hours films would have resulted in a far superior product.

Kevin Ulrich and the Brotherhood Workshop have taken things to the opposing extreme, recreating only the content of the novel in under two minutes, and in Lego. And really, that's all that needs to be said in order to sell me a ticket. Oh, and I probably should have mentioned at the start, do not watch this if you've never read the book, and don't want Battle of the Five Armies utterly spoiled for you.

Also, is it strange that I've only just noticed that the title of the film is Battle of the Five Armies, and that additional article makes it sound clunky as Hell?

Via The Mary Sue.
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