New Year's Eve Is The Worst Holiday. Except For All The Others

Last Week Tonight returns with a new season on February 8th, but John Oliver and HBO have been tiding us over with occasional clips on YouTube, which was a brilliant bit of forethought on their part. He returns now, to explain the stupidest and most easily avoidable of holidays, Fireworks Night... I mean, New Year's Eve. And to prove that Oliver has the most adorable way to pronounce humus of anyone, ever.

Happy New Year, everyone. Unless you don't use the Gregorian calendar, or recognize that time is an artificial construct designed to give humans some comfort as they stare out into the unfathomable breach of time. Or, if you use my own personal calendar, which has thirteen months and cycles throughout the year over the course of centuries. In which case, happy 9th of Cherish, everyone.

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