Next Summer, Pixar Puts The Foot Down

Disney has released a second teaser trailer for their next film, Inside Out, which explores the origins of human emotions inside the human mind, through the perspectives of an adolescent girl named Riley, and her parents (announced to being played by Diana Lane and Kyle MacLachlan). And I like this trailer, because it isn't a trailer as we expect. It isn't a collection of out-of-context scenes strung together with a pop song and baritone voice overs, giving away too many of the best jokes for the sake of putting butts in the seats. No doubt we'll see a few of those between now and next summer. But this trailer is jut a single, uninterrupted sequence form the film that encapsulates what the film is about. It's like a short film being used to sell the bigger picture. And that is a trend I could get behind, if others started doing it too.

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