Points Off For Groot Being Awesome

Cinema Sins is something I can usually get behind. When they pick up on those tired cliches that get worn out in film after film, that is a legit Sin. When a movie has glaring plot holes enough to fly aircraft carriers through, that is a Sin. When you start nagging on every single trope ever used, that isn't a Sin. And when you pick apart a scene or sequence that is obviously intended to be a literal joke, that isn't a Sin, that is buying into your own sense of self importance.

So, while their breakdown of Guardians of the Galaxy is occasionally accurate (the Star Wars/Serenity motifs, or the inability for anyone to kill anyone else), a lot of it is just being picky. In short, it isn't their best one ever. But it's Guardians, so what the hell.

Via Uproxx.
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