This Is The Week That Was

I was unexpectedly gone last week, and I missed a few things that I wish I hadn't. Like being able to properly say goodbye to both The Colbert Report, and The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson, the only two reasons I ever stayed up past midnight. I'll miss them both more than I can properly illustrate; the world will be significantly less fun on a daily basis from here on out.

I missed all that nonsense about The Interview being cancelled, though I'd never have seen it even if it had been released, on account of the fact that I'm not a fan of Seth Rogan and James Franco and their brand of "comedy."

I missed Birdman, Whiplash and Boyhood (which I've all seen and utterly failed to review, but in short, they are all brilliant films) getting just every bit of recognition from various award groups. And hopefully that will be followed through with some much deserved wins.

I missed the announcement that Hot Toys is selling a 1/6th scale model of the dancing Baby Groot, sadly not animatronic, but looking better than any of the other official merchandise, as though we'd expect anything less from Hot Toys (there is a chance that, if you're like me and ordered the Hot Toys Groot and Rocket duo pack, you might be getting this Baby Groot for free. Sideshow has yet to confirm this with me).

And I missed the release of the season three trailer for Orphan Black, a show I'm embarrassed to say I haven't reviewed for this site, and hope to change this upcoming season (of course, with my track record of late, maybe it's better I don't start anything new. Man, I still haven't reviewed the last two episodes of the Newsroom...). This teaser looks to be establishing a tone for this year, implying that it'll be dark and that the clones may go to war. With themselves, with each other, with those responsible; that isn't clear What remains clear is that Tatiana Maslany needs to win some kind of award for her performances as the entire cast of the show. She, by herself, could fill an entire SAG ensemble cast category.
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