Every Time NBC Cancels A Show, An Angel Gets Pissed Off And Turns The TV To CBS

We're a week away from NBC's childish burning off of the entire seventh and final season of Parks and Rec, so that they can get back to broadcasting the programming that they want to air, and that no one is watching. Which, since I only watch NBC when I have to, I assume that they mostly just turn a camera to endless reels of ordered pilots being fed into a tire fire. Actually, that sounds engaging and fun, and NBC is not in that sort of business; they are in television.

To celebrate this, Entertainment Weekly gave the show the cover of their Winter Preview, and this image sums up the series rather nicely: really successful at being heart warming and funny. I mean, there is a joke in this picture. It's a static image that conveys all manner of huggy emotionality, and they still managed to squeeze in a really solid laugh. I'd say I'm going to miss this show, except I own every season on DVD, so I'll be able to watch it over and over again until the format becomes obsolete.

Via Uproxx.
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