FX Goes To War

Justified is only mere weeks away from concluding, and creator Graham Yost has begun to move on and look to what comes next. And he's decided that it'll be World War 2. On FX. And he'll be doing it with Noah Wyle, of all people. After six seasons of a show of Justified's quality, it is of no surprise that FX would be interested in staying in the Yost business. I imagine he had something of a blank cheque with that organization. And Wyle, who is finishing up Falling Skies on TNT this summer, is keen to put his money to work behind the scenes, having recently produced the Librarians TV series.

The new, limited series (which was how FX referred to Fargo during season one), called Those Angry Days, will cover 1937-41, and examine the reasons why America didn't join the war until Pearl Harbour. I wonder if Yost and Wyle may have been inspired by a portion of Ken Burn's recent Roosevelt documentary, which detailed how utterly isolationist Congress was during the pre-war debates. Wyle will co-produce the series, and is rumoured to be playing Robert R. Murrow, revered broadcaster. Other historical figures, like President Roosevelt, will be part of the series, and I would be shocked if other historical figures that played a part in the debate, like Churchill, didn't pop up as well.

Between Burns documentary, and Bill Murray's portrayal of FDR last year, there has been a lot of interest in those pre-war years as of late, and while WWII is never not in style, you have to give Yost and co. credit for finding a bit of American War history that hasn't been over adapted by Hollywood yet.

Via Variety.
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