Give An Ant, Take A Man

Marvel had released the first official footage of Ant-man. And it is... OK, I know that this is a teaser trailer, and it's whole purpose in life is to just give us a look at bare, raw footage and some specific special effects, in anticipation of seven months of recut variations of this footage until the actual movie comes out. But, Marvel has had a pretty solid run of marketing their films, not to mention their final products. Sure, Iron Man 3 completely misrepresented the tone of that film, and Marvel's Phase 2 has had a decidedly more comedic twist to it than Phase 1 did. But Ant-man's first trailer, considering the comedic pedigree and presumed tone of the film, is very... placid.

It isn't really anything special. Marvel is certainly up for having some fun with the marketing, releasing an ant sized teaser for this trailer release last week, and the poster is pretty solid. But the trailer isn't that inspirational, and the two jokes that are present aren't knee slappers. They aren't even very funny. I've said for a while that Kevin Feige seems very apathetic towards Ant-man, being a long suffering obligation that he'll be more than likely to be glad to get off his plate. And this uninspiring trailer might be a symptom of that. I'm sure he'd much rather be thinking about Doctor Strange. In fact, so would I.
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