Not A Great Day For America, Everybody. Or The Rest Of Us

When Craig Ferguson ended his run on the Late Late Show last month, which happened the day after Colbert finished his show, and pretty much left me devastated that weekend, he said a lot in his farewell monologue. But more than that was what he wasn't saying. Or, what he couldn't say. He made some veiled references to continuing, not there and not then, but somewhere and somewhen. And I took that as a reference to his syndicated half hour talk show that was reported on back in August. At the time, I recalled that we hadn't actually heard anything about that new show, which would have seen Craig reunite with Geoff and Secretariat and his producer Michael at 7pm, since that original report.

Well now we have, and it's not good news I'm afraid. Tribune Broadcasting, the syndicate that was behind the earlier talk show, was unable to convince enough affiliates to purchase the show to make it a viable product. From a cost/benefit perspective, producing a show that would have only aired in LA and New York (and, considering how proliferated the Late Late Show was on YouTube, been an internet sensation) didn't meet their bottom line, and thus have pulled the plug on the potential talk series. They did however renew his game show, Celebrity Name Game, for a second season. Because game shows are an easier sell then philosophical chat shows with foreigners and gay robots. Thanks Obama.

Via Uproxx.
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