Sometimes Animals Talk Back

You know, after watching a trailer like this, your mind rolls back over every Disney movie where the protagonists talked to cuddly little animal buddies, and reevaluates the wholesomeness of that brand of entertainment.

I've been waiting for this one for a while, folks, and for a few reasons. Mostly, because when The Voices premiered at Sundance last year, it got everyone talking. The macabre comedy stars Ryan Reynolds as a mild mannered, mentally ill factory workers, whose cat and dog instruct him to murder a co-worker (Gemme Arterton), whose head then also starts telling him to do things, all the while he grows sweet on Anna Kendrick. There is no part of that that doesn't sound just fantastic. And if the people who saw it at Sundance are any indication, the film is pretty funny, and pretty enjoyable. It's picked up a limited release on Feb 6th, which is nice to see it isn't being dumped direct to market.

And it's nice to see because, well the honest truth of it is that Ryan Reynolds needs a win. I went out shopping after the holidays, and Walmart had their usual discounts on DVDs. And the $2 bin was basically everything that Ryan Reynolds has made over his career. It was depressing. Not undeserved, because that man has made some bad movies. But there has to be a winner in his pile at some point. I actually really liked Buried, and maybe The Voices will be a nice turn around. And if not, he's still got The Woman in Gold coming out this year. Maybe he'll finally catch a break.

Via The Mary Sue.
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