The Dead Should Stay That Way

Well, folks, this here is an odd one. The Lazarus Effect is a horror movie, coming from fine horror purveyors, and wouldn't warrant a moment's interest or second look from me, someone who loathes the mediocrity of the horror genre with every fiber of my being. It is an aggressively lazy genre. What makes The Lazarus Effect stand out is everything else.

First off, it stars Olivia Wilde, Mark Duplass, Donald Glover, Evan Glover and Sarah Bolger. No one in there are scream queens. In fact, most of them are better known for their comedic roles. It is directed by David Gelb, a documentarian, and co-written by Jeremy Slater, whose only other credit is the forth coming (and apparently heavily under wraps) Fantastic Four reboot. Now, what I'm hoping is that, all of that means this won't be a traditional horror film. That it might take some chances, or manage some originality. The trailer certainly plays up the aspects that one would expect to find in a "blinking lights and quick edits" horror films, but again, I'm hoping that is just a marketing ploy to attract the usual apathetic horror audience. And that those of us that are paying attention will be drawn in by how interesting everything else seems.

That's what I'm hoping, anyway. But I've been wrong before.
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