Warning: Do Not Consume After 65 Million Years

Artist Alejo Malia has taped into two powerful fan bases, and merged them with near perfect harmony: gigantic monstrous reptiles from the depths of time, and dessert. Yes, answering the age old question, what would dinosaurs look like if they had been made out of delicious treats instead of prehistoric protobird. And he did it while resisting the overpowering yet terrible urge to make puns. Remember kids, every time you make a pun, that is the devil licking your soul. Licking it like delicious, dinosaur infused ice cream, or perhaps a heavily cheese cheese covered aquatic reptile of some kind.

I've wandered off the beaten point. And that point is, in a series called Jurassic Sweet, Malia has perfectly captured the gentle wonder and majestic beauty of after dinner junk food, given life and teeth. And claws. And in most cases, the ability to crush us all under the massive weight of their sugar-infused nobility.

Hit the jump for the rest of Malia's creations.

Via Uproxx.
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