Would the Lambs Have Peace Or War, Clarice?

Richard Armitage has signed on for his first big post-Hobbit role, and it's in a place where he'll get to make the most of his acting abilities. The British actor has landed the role of Francis Dolarhyde, AKA the Tooth Fairy, in the second half of Hannibal's upcoming third season. This confirms Bryan Fuller's previous statements that Hannibal's game plan moving forward would be to collapse much of the remaining source material into shared and paired seasons. So, season three will cover the manhunt for Hannibal, after last year's incredible finale, and then dovetail nicely into Will's hunt for the William Blake obsessed serial killer. Personally, I was hoping that Lee Pace might be persuaded to take the role, but Armitage is a wonderful second choice.

Dolarhyde, for anyone familiar with the novel or film Red Dragon, has a cleft lip, and believes himself much more horribly disfigured than he is. He also butchers families and bites his victims, hence his nick name. However, those familiar with the source material know that the TV series has already used a lot of material from the book in its first two seasons. So, while the broad strokes of the plot will likely be maintained, the series will have plenty of opportunities to put their own unique spin on things, and have lots of room to continue to surprise us viewers.

But that's the back half of the season. coming up first will be Hannibal's sojourn across Europe as he evades FBI and Interpol capture, as well as the revenge seeking grasp of last season's victim Mason Verger. Bad new though, as the fantastic Michael Pitt has opted not to return to the show. He has been replaced by Joe Anderson, who will carry on in the role unrecognizable under considerable makeup, as Mason must now live disfigured in the aftermath of Hannibal's attack. No word on if Katherine Isabelle will be returning as Margot Verger, and no casting news on Molly, Will's source material love interest who, if season three will be tackling Red Dragon, would presumably be a necessary addition to the cast.

NBC has also yet to announce a premiere for the new season, though last year it aired towards the end of February. Given how many episodes of Constantine are left for them to air, that timetable would work for this year as well, though that is only a month away, and you'd expect they'd have made an announcement by now. As well as started releasing some marketing.

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