2015: The Crappening

Last year was spectacular, if judged entirely on the number and quality of terrible films mocked live by Rifftrax. Sharknado, Godzilla '98, Anaconda and Santa Claus all took a thoroughly deserved beating, live in cinematoriums across the US and occasionally Canada. they even got their own animated intro, with theme song performed by Jonathan Coulton. The middle two films from last year were made possible because of the overwhelming support Mike, Dave and Bill received through a Kickstarter campaign, and they intend to repeat past success this year. In fact, as of this writing, they already have.

The lineup for this season of live Riffing is a cream-of-the-crop of absolutely horribleness. The goal: $75,000 to make possible The Room on May 6th, Sharknado 2: the Second One on July 9th, Miami Connection on October 1st, and Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny on December 3rd! The drive started yesterday, and as of today, they have already surpassed their goal by nearly an additional twenty grand, with a month left in the campaign. When the Godzilla drive vastly exceeded expectations, they were able to purchase the rights to an additional film. Knowing that going in, the rights to this year's films have already been purchased, meaning monies raised through Kickstarter will go towards funding the actual production of the shows, saying, "Making these shows a reality will cost MUCH more than our base goal, and so if we raise more money, it will go towards movie acquisition costs, better production values, and towards all the great reward levels."

With the goal already met, all we can do now is sit back, continue to pledge and then wait for a new season of cinematic sarcasm.

Via Rifftrax and Kickstarter.
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