Break The Wheel

Hey, remember that strung out feeling, resembling coming off a heroine addiction, that annually happens between when HBO begins its marketing campaign for the latest season of Game of Thrones and when the premiere happens? How the constant reediting of the same scant footage, placed behind various voice overs and musical cues can get so knuckle-clawing frustrating that sometimes you'd rather go completely in the dark rather than being strung out in such an obvious and effective way over the far-too-long months until April finally arrives?

Well, good news everyone, because HBO has released the first trailer for season five, the season where (for book readers anyway), the old cliche of "everything changes" actually holds true. From here on out, my interest in the series will enter a great stage of "enveloped" because the books will be little more than a rough sketch of how things will play out. The series, after four seasons of fairly faithful adaptation, takes control of it's own fate and identity. And it's earned the right to do so. It has taken maybe a season too long for me to be able to say with 60% certainty, I have no idea what's going to happen next. And I can't wait.

Is anyone else feeling itchy under the skin?
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