Clear Plastic Bubbles Offer The Greatest Protection Against Prehistoric Killing Machines

Yesterday, Jurassic World released a second, shorter trailer during the Super Bowl, and it was essentially the same as the first, with one exception. The second half of this new trailer, rather than suggest a mysterious new threat, blatantly slapped us in the face with that new threat, the genetically original "super dinosaur" Indominus rex. The trailer did a fairly decent job of giving us a look at this fearsome new predator without actually giving us a look at this fearsome new predator. It gave us a series of glimpses from various angles, which gives us enough footage to satisfy our insatiable hatred for surprise, while leaving the big reveal for the film proper.

Now, while most people will be focusing on either: Chris Pratt's trained raptors, or how much better the CG looks in this trailer than it did the first time around (it looks very better, but is still too plentiful). I, instead, am most interested in the movie's website (which is fantastic, and fun as hell to poke around on) revealing that some of the genetic material that went into creating the Indominus rex came from animals such as Abeliosaurus, Carnotaurus, Majungasaurus, Rugops and Gigantosaurus. If that group of animal got together and formed a legitimate businessman's association, you damned well know that you'd be paying you protection money on time and with a smile. An observation I made, is that that the Indominus rex in the trailer is very pale. And that Carnotaurus is explicitly named, and that it was featured in the second novel, and featured camouflage abilities. This is complete conjecture on my part, but I wonder if the paleness, like certain cuttlefish, might be a sign of some camouflage like it's literary progenitor.

Because clearly, what this thing needs is to be extra terrifying.
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