Close Encounters Of The Weird Kind

In 1978, when George Lucas was first putting together what would become The Empire Strikes Back, he reached out to Jim Henson concerning the possibility of performing an alien creature that had an important role to play in Luke Skywalker's journey. Henson was busy at the time (he was always busy, but was especially busy, still working on The Muppet Show and heavily developing The Dark Crystal), so he, without hesitation, suggested Frank Oz for the job. However, Henson's group of puppeteers and creators, arguably the best in the world at the time, were heavily involved in assisting with Yoda's evolution, and LucasFilm's group became quite involved with the Henson group, eventually partnering on Labyrinth.

Add to the fact that the studio where The Muppet Show was shot was directly across the street from the lot where Lucas was shooting Star Wars, and it really shouldn't be that much of a surprise that Henson dropped in on his partner while they were filming the Yoda scenes. Or that he brought Kermit and Piggy along with him. It's just taken us this long to see the photos from the moment. Remember that, at the time these photos were taken, the frog was the biggest celebrity of the bunch. That he isn't now borders on a crime. But still, these pictures fill me with warm and tingly feelings. The sheer amount of personality coming from the three puppets is more than the entire prequel trilogy manged to muster from their entire casts. And somehow, I doubt that a moment even approaching something like this happened during the shoot for Episode VII.

Via /Film.
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