Jurassic World Lego: How Did I Do?

To say that I'm excited about Jurassic World is fair. To say that I'm excited for the Jurassic World Lego sets is an understatement. Not only the play sets, but also a video game that will cover all four films in the franchise, whose teaser trailer (above) was released a couple weeks ago. The toys have been kept mostly a mystery, until now, because ToyFair is in full swing, and the pictures are out.

Normally, I'd just dump these pictures after the jump and be down with it, but after the release of the first trailer for Jurassic World, I took a few wild stabs in the dark about what the sets might look like based on that footage and previously made Lego dinosaur sets. So, now that we know what the real things will look like, I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to see just how wrong I was.

After the jump, I get humbled and my bank account starts fearing for it's future.

As I expected, there will be five sets in this first line of Jurassic World items, though considering that World is expected to be the first film of a new trilogy, and the release of the video game, I suspect that this is a license Lego intends to put to good use in the future. Dinosaurs does tend to equal money, because every kid loves dinosaurs. So while we're getting five sets now, I wouldn't be surprised to see another line released with about the same frequency of their Lego Movie sets.

A potential amendment to that is, the utterly fantastic Jurassic Park jeep and Grant, Elle and Malcolm figure set that was up for voting on Lego Ideas is officially in the review phase, and as I said before, I would be shocked if Lego didn't approve it, to roll it into their Jurassic license. So, this line might expand to six sets, if Lego knows what's good for them.

My first reaction to these sets is that, perhaps not shockingly, there are no herbivore figures in the line. The company has opted to go full carnivore, which is likely wise, as it hits on both the major action set pieces of the film and fulfills the market need: people like the runny-bitey dinos more than the giant cows. I'm not giving up my hope for a Lego Parasaurolophus just yet, but I think we're going to have to wait until the next line to get the vegetarian options.

First up is the T-rex set, which was the only one I didn't make an active guess about because, despite being the mascot of the franchise, the T-rex wasn't so much as hinted at in trailer for the film. As such, I had no ability to know what action he might be taking part in. The set, called T-rex Tracker (and it's properly capitalized!) appears to be how we'll be getting the Vincent D'Onofrio mini-fig. The animal comes with a containment vehicle and three Ingen employees.

Another animal that I didn't make a guess at, because they weren't in the first trailer. this turned out to be due to incomplete CG work, as they did appear in the Superbowl trailer: pteranodons. I suspected they've be included becuase Lego had the mold already, but I wasn't expecting them to be the focus of a set. Called Pteranodon Capture, and including two minfigs including Masrani CEO Simon, and a helicopter (which appears to be largely based on a Spider-man set released last year).

I was absolutely on the money with this one, and that was mostly because it was a no-brainer: the raptor motorcycle sequence from the trailer, and the moment that the rest of the marketing for the film will be based around. This is also the only set where you can get the Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard minfigs, but also two raptors, nicknamed Blue and Delta. Raptor Rampage includes two dinos, three minifigs, the motorcycle and a mobile vet truck, and will easily be the most popular of the line.

I'm going to give myself half credit on this one. First, I did not, in any way, expect to see a Dilophosaurus feature in these sets, again because it wasn't featuring in the trailer and hasn't been hinted at on the film's website. Certainly made famous by the original film, maybe the frilled spitter will make a surprise cameo in the new film. Dilophosaurus Ambush features two minfigs (one of which is one of the two kids from the film), a jeep, and one of the gyrospheres from the trailer, which is where my half point comes from, as I knew as soon as I saw it that is would be in a set. I just didn't expect this context.

I was pretty much bang on the money with this one. Giving us our first full look at the Indominus rex, comes the largest and thus most expensive set of the five: Indominus rex Breakout, which is almost verbatim what I guess (due to bad info, I identified the new beastie as a D-rex). The set comes with the animal, another gyrosphere (that's another bang on guess), four minifigs including the other child and Dr. Wu, and the holding pen from which the animal escapes.

My thoughts on this collection: it's solid, but not as strong as it could have been. I like that there is no duplication of character figures throughout, meaning that if you want all the named characters, you have to buy all the sets, but you also don't end up with a half dozen slightly different Owen figs (which plagued the Hobbit sets, as they nearly all included a Bilbo). The dinosaur choices are all sensible and logical, and in the case of the Dilophosaurus, surprising. I would have liked to have seen at least one herbivore, a Triceratops or Apatosaurus, but I'm willing to wait if it means we get them next time (I'm still convinced that the Gallimimus chase form the trailer will be made into a set).

My major disappointment comes from the actual constructable materials. There is only one building in five of these sets. Considering that the license is based on a zoo, I was hoping that the sets would have more of a zoo feel, with paddocks, feeding areas, or observation platforms making up the content. Instead, we got a lot of vehicles, which is the trend in Lego right now. Everything is a damned car or plane. Frankly, it's enough to detract me from buying a set, as I've far too many vehicles in my collection and not nearly enough buildings. I'd be tempted to buy several of the Indominus rex sets for the paddock along, except that would be a bankruptable action. Instead, I hope that a second line includes more in the way of labs or buildings and less stuff on wheels.

As for how my powers of deduction worked out: not that great. I was wide of the mark on the Gallimimus Chase, as well as the Jungle Cruise Ride (though these still seem like logical places to eventually take the license). I was bang on with the Raptors and only half right at the inclusion of the gryospheres and that the T-rex would be included in some way, but those seem super obvious in retrospect. The only one I came close to nailing was the I-rex Breakout, both in name and general content, though the lab setting and Claire minfig have been pushed into the Raptor set. Strangely, no where to be seen is the Mosasaurus. But, if I'm right, and at this point I have no reason to suspect that I am, this won't be the last we'll see of Jurassic World in Lego form.

Via Geekologie and Collider (which has loads more detailed pictures).
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