Librarians' Loan Period Extended

Season one of the Librarians was a lot of things: it was fun, first and foremost, which lead to a level of charming that most series are afraid will make them seem too aloof. But we need more aloof, and when done right it doesn't have to be cheesy. Librarians was occasionally that, but it played it off, and that only made it more charming. It was rollicking, which I suspect was a word used in it's pitch to TNT, and too few shows are that. So, it was a good series to have on. I championed it, even when TNT burned off the back half of the season. And I supported it, even when it ended on such a horrible weak finale that I was worried that it would retroactively reflect poorly on the rest of the show. It looks like those fears were unfounded, as TNT has given the show the green light for a second season, expected to air at the end of this year.

Season one had a major handicap, in that Noah Wyle, star of the made-for-TV movies that provided the foundation of the franchise, was busy with the finale season of Falling Skies while The Librarians was being put together, which meant that the star of the franchise was relegated to a recurring role. This will apparently change with season two, as Wyle will return for the 10 episode sophomore season, along side the entire principle cast of season one. I actually found Wyle to be the weak link in the series, and the episodes in which he popped his head in to see how things were going to be the worst of the season (especially that finale, yeash). But, he is the Librarian, so I suppose he is entitled to a role. In season two, I'd like to see a little more fortitude applied to the arc of the season, so that we don't end up with a train wreck in episode ten again, but besides that, I'm content with nothing changing creatively. Stay silly, keeping developing the characters, and bring on more of geekdom's favourite guest stars. Season two won't be able to top Bruce Campbell as Santa Claus, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't try.

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