Mandatory Whiplash

I have a lot of regrets about the last six months, and one of those is seeing Whiplash, and then not writing about how much I loved Whiplash (then, the next week, doing the exact same damned thing with Birdman). Which is probably fine, because everyone else who saw Whiplash loved Whiplash (then, the next week, did the exact same damned thing with Birdman), so I didn't feel like I was missing out on converting the masses (or, letting you loyal hobos know what movies you could be falling alseep during if you sneak into your local cinematorium). The point is, I really loved Whiplash.

I was also a fan of Weird Al's latest album this past summer, Mandatory Fun. During the promotional run up, Al proved that he is not only still relevant, but also still razor sharp with the parody-knife, in the series of music videos released across the internet to generate buzz. Keeping up with that, to promote his world tour (which, come Hell or high water, I will be attending in at least one venue), Al has released this hilarious parody of Whiplash, using actual footage from Whiplash, proving yet again that it's all about established tone. Say something is dramatic, and it is. Say something is comedic, and your get a surprise Mars Bar.

Seriously though, J.K. Simmons performance was so spectacular, it transcends even it's own context.

Via Uproxx.
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