More Blackadder Than Bean, I'll Expect

ITV has announced that it will be adapting two of Georges Simenon's Jules Maigret novels into films, with an air date to be determined. This follows a previous series by the network in the early nineties, starring Michael Gambon in the title role. This time around, they've chosen a far most unexpected but no less capable actor to fill the shoes and pipe of the French Detective: Rowan Atkinson.

The two films will adapt Maigret Sets A Trap, and Maigret’s Dead Man, with Stewart Harcourt directing both. These are but two of the 75 titles that Simenon wrote concerning what is essentially the French counterpart to Poirot, and the films continue the long tradition of the British really enjoying detective stories. It will be Atkinson's first foray into the detectiving business, and his casting really is something to make note of, as the notoriously private actors is also relatively selective with his roles. I'm very interested to see how he approaches and handles the role.

Via Den of Geek.
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