One of the better surprises last year was Mike Judge's Silicon Valley. Not surprising that it was good, it is Judge after all, but surprising in that it was so good. And good in that way that everyone not involved in network sitcoms understands that sitcoms need to be. Canned laugh tracks and bottle episodes do not cut it as a story telling tool. Sitcoms, with their dick jokes and burn-out stoners, can be just as detailed, just as arc-focused and just as demanding of the audience's captured attention as drama. Comedy is not, and should never be, passive. Parks and Rec understands this. Archer understands this. Veep understands this. And Silicon Valley understands this.

Now we get to see if 1) the creative team can maintain that through season two, and B) where Pied Piper goes now that it has amazed the digital world. For readers who are interested, I highly recommend that you read The Innovators by Walter Issacson. The recurring structure of both the partnership of innovation, and the repetitive tendency for simultaneous development of products that have massive, unforeseeable implications to both technology and society is pretty well illustrated in the book's narrative, and was well represented in the series' first season. I expect, now that Pied Piper has a product, we'll be seeing more reflection of the historic outcome of similar "revolutionary" products. In short, I feel that reading the Innovators is just good homework for this show.

The dick jokes, those you'll probably be able to pick up on your own.
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