Last Week Tonight, Minus An Hour

I hate Daylight Savings Time. I hate it with a passion and fury that goes unmatched on this or any other Earth. Not because I'm bitter about losing an hour every spring, or randomly finding it again in the autumn. And not because I lose another hour going around the next morning, resetting all my clocks (why do I have so many damned clocks?). I hate it because it is pointless. Absolutely, eye-pokingly pointless. And you know how we know it is pointless? Because it isn't universal. Time zones, those are universal, and they work (except for ZULU time, which seems to work fine and maybe we don't need time zones either but I'm getting distracted). Daylight Saving Time isn't even universal within countries that observe this bi-annual bit of socialized indoctrination. Some places just don't do it. And you know what happens to them when every other decent, hard working person in the western is busy trying to remember if they are meant to be setting their clocks forwards or back? NOTHING! Not a damned-in-the-wool thing. They get on fine. Because time is a socially agreed upon construct as a way to measure duration, and randomly saying that it lacks one of it's things, or suddenly that it has a bonus one of it's things means exactly the same as just leaving it the fuck alone!

So, and this isn't a phrase that sees a lot of usage, let's all be like Nevada and Saskatchewan, and stop inappropriately touching our clocks.
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