Lego Gennaro Is Adorable

This first full length trailer for the Lego Jurassic World game has arrived, and it is everything you could hope for in a Lego-based, satirical adaption of a dinosaur-based franchise. The game, called Jurassic World, and featuring cover art displaying Chris Pratt's character from the new film, is actually an adaptation of all four films in the Jurassic series, thus fulfilling many people's wish to live vicariously as a tiny brick Jeff Goldblum.

But very tellingly, the footage in this trailer is 90% from the first film. Personally, I think that the raptor field sequence from Lost World will be a fun one to play through, but when it comes to these films, no one really gives a crap about parts 2 and 3 (seven hells, Lost World isn't really even a Jurassic Park movie - ask me about it later, I'm busy right now). Part of me really hopes that, with digital versions out in the world, this is a sign that Lego will eventually produce physical versions of the earlier films as part of the Jurassic license. Please? Pleeeese!
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