Selina Meyer > Mariah Carey

Everyone and their cat will be tuning into to HBO on the 12th to watch the premiere of Game of Thrones, and I'll be among them, but I'm equally excited about the premiere of Veep the same night. I've been certain that every season since two will be this show's last, and every year they prove that not only have they earned an additional season, but that there is little reason they shouldn't. The series has outlasted the relevancy of it's title, and at this point I'd love for someone to do a compare/contrast with the political careers of Selina Meyer and Frank Underwood, but it also one of the strongest comedies on TV right now, and we're sitting in a glut of fantastic sitcoms, none of which are on network TV.

And, Hugh Laurie is appearing this season, which is fantastic because as great as Laurie is with drama, it's comedy where he is a true viking. So, yeah, this is going to be awesome.

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