Who Needs The Kwik-E-Mart? Legoooooo...

Lego has announced the next wave of Simpsons inspired Lego figures, and the next major Simpsons inspired set. And rather than expand the success of the previous wave into a full line of items, they are keeping with the limited editions. The minfig selection this time is just as good as the first time around, and compliments the first wave nicely. The Simpson's family returns, in church clothes this time, save Bart, who appears as Bart-man. that pairs nicely with the Milhouse variant Fall-out Boy. Maggie and Lisa also come with the family pets, Santa's Little Helper and Snowball II.

New to the collection are Prof. Frink, Martin, Patty & Selma, Smithers, Groundskeeper Willie, Comicbook Guy (whose effectiveness is undercut by the figures svelte design in a way that Homer and Wiggum weren't), Mrs. Krabappel (looks like we'll have to wait until wave 3 to get Principal Skinner), Hans Moleman and Dr. Hibbert. Grand additions all.

This year's $200 set is the Kwit-E-Mart, made in spectacular detail and well worth the investment. The set, like the Evergreen Terrace set from last year, is 360 degrees complete and modular for access. It includes a Springfield PD squad car and minfig variants of the Apu and Wiggum figures from the last wave, additional Homer, Bart and Marge figs, and exclusive to this collection, Snake. Details of this set include a sticker of Jasper frozen in the freezers, Apu's secret rooftop garden, and the front of every individual magazine in the magazine rack referencing something from the history of the Simpsons.

Hit the jump to take a look at this complex and frankly memorizing new set.

Via /Film.
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