April Fool's Day Sucks

I hate April Fool's Day. Always have. I hate practical jokes, I hate being intentionally mislead, and I hate that people get pissy at you when you get angry at them for their stupid pranks.

I hate it even more now that the internet is a thing. Newspapers never used to print false headlines on April 1st. The evening news never used to just make shit up. And yet, and yet, it is par for the course on the internet, where websites will all turn into a less clever version of The Onion for the day, and just make stuff up. Worse, companies will do it too, announcing casting news for movies, or "reveal" new products, or unveil marketing campaigns for stuff that some of us are actually excited for, and then on April 2nd turn around and scream "April Fools" like their the cleverest little shits in the world.

And what's worse, is that not everybody does it. So you have real news being released along side fake shit, and the fake shit tends to play it straighter than Leslie Nelsen in Airplane, so you have to spend all of the 2nd sorting through everything to find out what's real and what's not. So don't be expecting any more posts today (which, given my propensity lately, won't be that different from the norm).

As much as I agree with everything John Oliver said up top, for a more succinct illustration of my feelings towards April Fools Day, hit the jump.
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