How Dreadfully Wonderful

When I say "I like Clue," it edges a bit close to understatement. Much like "German got a bit up on itself" is a precariously underwhelming way to describe the first half of the twentieth century. So, yes, I like Clue really awful a lot, thank you. I feel I've made that clear going on a time now. And despite the fact that literally anything can and has been applied to the Monopoly moniker, there has been a steady upswing in popular and puzzling licensed versions of the detective game. Add to that one more, and crank up the puzzling to boot.

Penny Dreadful, the fantastic portmanteau of Victorian Gothic literature series, which is set to begin it's second season within a few weeks, will be getting the board game treatment. Yeah, I did not see this coming either. According to Entertainment Earth, the game will be available in July. Now, as tempted as I might be to discard this as ridiculous, it was on Entertainment Earth that I initially glimpsed the Firefly Clue, and immediately poo-pooed the concept as novel and absurd. And you see where that got me? Exactly where I am, let me tell you.

So, I for one welcome Sir Malcolm and Frankenstein and the lot to the world of the whodunnit. If the design team is as loving to the property as they were to the Firefly edition (and as they weren't to Sherlock), I'm looking forward to adding it to my collection.

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