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If you all know anything about me by now, it should be that I'm a wildly inconsistent hat aficionado who refuses to believe that actual people read this site, and that you're all degenerate vagrants of some description, using my lowly corner of the internet to shroud your public masturbatory shame. Actually, that's about nine things, and to add one more to the list, I like westerns. Quintessential American genre by hind-end, it's a universal genre, pigeon holed into one very specific temporal and geographic location. A very specific temporal and geographic location that is infinity accessible to a range of storytelling.

So, I never pass over a western. Sometimes (most times, if I'm being honest), that leads me down a lonely and sad road, like with the recent Million Ways to Die In the West. Other times though, it takes you someplace spectacular, like the even most recent Homesman, which was wonderful. So, here we have a trailer for Slow West, a writing and directorial debut of John Maclean, and starring Michael Fassbender, Ben Mendelsohn and Rory McCann. And the film certainly seems to have a wit about it. Not a comedy, to be sure, but an undercurrent. Hopefully, if this trailer is an indication, just enough irreverence to dull the hostile reality of the situation. That being said, I watch this trailer and my mind goes to Butch and Sundance for some reason. That isn't a bad level to aspire to, but we'll have to wait until May to find out if it's a worthy comparison.
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