Magic Returns To The World, And It's About Time

It seems like a long time ago when the BBC announced that it would be adapting Susanna Clarke's historical soft fantasy Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, telling the tale of practical magic returning to the world during the Napoleonic Wars, by way of a curmudgeony miser and his ambitious student. So long ago in fact, that an assumption was made that it would be part of the Beeb's Winter season.

But no, the series is only now ready for release. Next month in fact, and they've announced that fact with a trailer. The series, written and directed by Doctor Who familiars Peter Harness and Toby Haynes, see's Eddie Marsan and Bertie Carvel take up the roles as polite, pre-Victorian society deals with magicians, and magicians are forced to contend with polite, pre-Victorian society. Reviews on this site, if I can manage it, will follow episodes with due care and quickness.
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